• John 6

    When looking at John 6, it is important to note that this was toward the peak of Jesus’ ministry. People had heard about Jesus all […]

  • John 5

    I decided to take a week of from the blog considering I was preaching on John 4 the upcoming Sunday (yesterday). I thought it would […]

  • John 4

    Still today in 2020, there is division among people groups and cultures all around the world. John 4 directly confronts all of these issues head […]

  • John 3 Blog

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him, should not perish but ever lasting life” […]

  • John 2 Blog

    John 2 brings us into the messianic, divine ministry of Jesus as he preforms his first miracle in turning water into wine. Something that is […]

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    The first chapter in the Gospel of John can often be split up into three sections. Verses 1-18 can be referred as the “origins of […]

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    Happy Monday everyone! I hope to take some time to give a brief introduction to the Gospel of John this week as I plan to […]

  • Pastor Troy’s Testimony

    Greetings Everyone! My name is Troy Sergey and I am beyond blessed to join the staff here at Grace Gospel Church here in Ada until […]