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John 8

John 8 remains one of my favorite passages of scripture as well as an important reminder of the compassion that we should show when dealing with sin and sinners. This passage of scripture starts off with Jesus going to the temple courts to be near the Pharisee’s and religious people of his day. This is something that he did often. There, he saw the Pharisee’s bring in a woman who was caught in adultery that they were planning to stone as the Mosaic Law commanded them to do so. Before they are able to stone her, the Pharisee’s ask Jesus what he thinks they should do to her.  Jesus then approaches the woman so it’s just a one on one encounter. He asks her if she has been condemned yet by the others. She tells him that she has not. He proceeds to tell her that he will not condemn her either but she is to sin no mor. That last part is crucial for understanding this passage in it’s fullness. Jesus had come to to give her a new life.  He didn’t ignore her sin but instead he confronted it fully with Grace. Some people think that Grace and forgiveness ignore sin. That is not true as Grace directly confronts sin and demands repentance. It’s a hard practice to fully wrap your mind around but Jesus displayed true Godliness and Grace in John 8. Please go and read this incredible passage of scripture!

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