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John 9

If we are reading the Gospel of John from starting to finish, moving on to John 9 should be interesting because of the power and authority of Christ that is reveled in John 8. John 9 starts with Jesus meeting a blind man while the disciples wonder if he is blind because of his sin or the sins of his parents. Jesus’s response of “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him” is transformational and gut-wrenching! That man probably asked the same question his whole life. “Why is this happening to me?”. Little did he know that one day his vision would be restored fully and he’d be able to literally see the glory of God being reveled as the following verses tell the story of him doing so. It had to have been remarkable to have been a friend that would have known this man his whole life. The fact that the man was telling everyone that it had been Jesus who put the mud on his eyes would have been a great witnessing tool. The Pharisees in the following verses were very critical and  skeptic of this healing (as they were with pretty much everything that Jesus said and did). Jesus responds by talking about spiritual blindness and that he had come so the blind may see! I encourage everyone to read this John 9 passage but more importantly I hope this story lifts the vail for anyone who is spiritual blind to belief in Christ being the Son of God!

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