• John 18

    John 18 is filled with drama as we now are hours away from Jesus’ crucifixation. What is so remarkable to me is the willingness for […]

  • John 17

    The high priestly prayer of John 17 remains “the true Lord’s prayer” in my opinion. This is the ultimate prayer that Jesus prays as he […]

  • John 16

    As we move to the heart of the “passion story”, its neat to know that Jesus’s love for humanity far exceeds the pain and agony […]

  • John 15

    During my junior year of college, I wrote my 20 page Greek exegetical paper on this paper on the first 8 verses of the passage. […]

  • John 14

    John 14 is a passage of scripture that has led many individuals to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ including one of my favorite apologist […]

  • John 13

    The foot washing passage! Humility at its highest form is found in this passage of scripture. Countless wedding ceremonies over the years include a foot […]

  • John 12

    As we get to John 12, we are one step closer to the death and resurrection of Christ. In this chapter, Jesus becomes anointed as […]

  • John 11

    John 11 shows the great power of Jesus’s divine ability. In this chapter, Lazarus’s sister approaches Jesus telling her that her brother has been dead […]