All of Me for God

Barbara J. Boedicker

Love is… Being aware of God’s presence,

Love is… Praising Him with no pretense,

Love is… Giving Him honor and glory,

Love is… Listening to His wonderful story.

Contentment is… Knowing God is our Father,

Contentment is… Having His protective cover,

Contentment is… Resting in His calming peace,

Contentment is… Knowing that it will never cease.

Purpose is… Worshiping God and obeying Him,

Purpose is… Resisting temptation and it’s sin,

Purpose is… Reaching out and telling others,

Purpose is… Jesus is the one way, no other.

Living is… Following Jesus’ perfect example,

Living is… Giving our love as a sample,

Living is… Looking forward to our spirit’s escape,

Living is… Anticipating our entry through heaven’s gate.

Wonder will be… Seeing God upon His throne,

Wonder will be… Never again being alone,

Wonder will be… Standing in God’s holy light,

Wonder will be… Being awed at the beautiful sight.


Barbara Jean Boedicker

The blue of a summer sky is deepening,

The air gives a final hot blast.

Flowers shout goodbye with their weeping,

As summer finishes its final task.

Another Year will soon pass away,

As fall enters the brisk coldness of winter.

Time has taken us so fast that we sway,

We say goodbye, and watch the new year enter.

Are we ready for the struggles to come,

Prepared for the battles ahead?

Have we grown through all we have done,

Listening to what the tutors of life have said?

If we have learned and matured we’re ready,

God has seen us this far, we can trust Him.

With His help we will remain steady,

With Jesus, the victory is ours already.

Each season comes, and it goes;

Each year passes on its way.

Changes come, touch our lives as we grow,

Until we leave this life behind us one day.

A new journey into eternity will begin,

It will be even more blessed than this trip.

If we have given Jesus our sin,

We will have none to cause us to slip.


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    Joyce says:

    Love you Barb! Best big sister God could have given me. Your heart is God’s, and it’s evident in your life. XOXO

  2. Reply
    Mandy Richardson says:

    Those are beautiful…hope you post more of the!!!

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