John 20

The empty tomb. This empty tomb shows how death and sin was defeated not just for the time being but forever. So many times especially in the conservative evangelical world, I’ve heard women say they feel “insignificant” to the body of Christ as male leadership resides in the pulpit as well as church elders and deacons. But it was a woman who found the Empty tomb and the risen Messiah! If the resurrection story was just a “good” or “made up” story, there is no way it would entail a woman finding the Messiah as woman were viewed as low class citizens. I think there shows the tremendous value that God has on women especially the one (Mary Magdalene) that was so personally close with our Lord.

Another amazing story in this chapter is that of Thomas, or “doubting Thomas” if you will. He is someone who was with Jesus, saw his miracles and even witnesses his death. Because of witnessing his death, he  thought surely that he was talking to a ghost and not the risen Lord. Jesus told him to touch his sides where then of course Thomas realized that it was him. Then Jesus tells him something remarkable. He says “you believe because you you see me, blessed is he who has not seen me, yet believed” (John 20:29). You and I have never seen Jesus but we love him, worship him, honor him and live our lives according to his life. I’ve always felt a personal connection to that verse because of that truth. We have no Christian faith without the empty tomb.


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