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John 13

The foot washing passage! Humility at its highest form is found in this passage of scripture. Countless wedding ceremonies over the years include a foot washing ceremony to symbolize humility, love and compassion toward their significant other. In this chapter, we see that Jesus is sensing the end of  life just before Passover. When with Simeon Peter, Jesus showed true and honest servant leadership by washing Peter’s feet. In those days, feet were seen as one of the most dirty parts of the human body as most people wouldn’t dare to touch, let alone wash another’s feet. Peter even said “you shall never wash my feet” as Peter knew Jesus’ deity and didn’t dare want his “holy hands” to touch his “dirty feet”. But Jesus’ response was “unless I wash you, you will have no part in me. What he meant by this is that Jesus had to humble himself in the form of a human to understand, relate and reconcile man and God back together. We can marvel at the example that Jesus sets forth and love him in his fullest form.

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