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Sermons on “Work”

Rest Awhile

Life is demanding. Everyday we face new challenges. Our overloaded schedules leave us weary and depleted. Jesus teaches us to pursue a r

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Building the Church

During our special dedication service, Pastor Trent was joined by the Grace Gospel Fellowship executive director Matt Amundsen. Together, they spoke about the work of the local church, looking back on the history of the church and looking ahead the Lord’s purpose for our congregation.

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Searching for Meaning

Is my life meaningful? This is a question that keeps us awake at night. We want to live with a sense of purpose, knowing that our days on this earth have mattered. And yet, our pursuits often leave us feeling frustrated and empty. There has to be more to life than making through another day. The book of Ecclesiastes challenges us to think deeply about life and points us to the one who can offer true and lasting significance.

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What kind of worker are you? Are you industrious like the ant? Or do you have a difficult time getting motivated to roll out of bed on Monday morning? Have you ever called in sick, because you didn’t feel like going in that day? Have you pretended to be busy at your desk, while you were actually checking Facebook? Have you ever stretched your 15 minute break to a half hour? We all have days when we don’t feel like showing up, and we are tempted to ignore our responsibilities, but those lazy days can become a pattern, and a habit, and the way we approach life. When that happens, it creates problems for us and others.

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