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Sermons on “Witnessing”

God Wants to Use You to Make a Difference!

Esther was a young woman living in the capital of the Persian Empire. She never imagined the plans God had for her life, that led her to the palace, and placed her in a position to rescue her people from destruction. Her example demonstrates how the Lord wants to accomplish his work through his people.

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Core Value: The Gospel

We’ve been discussing the core values of Grace Gospel Church, those essential characteristics that define our congregation and guide all of our ministries. This week we learned that the greatest love story of all time is found in the Bible, the gospel. Christ loves us so much He was willing to go to unbelievable lengths to save us.

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What kind of worker are you? Are you industrious like the ant? Or do you have a difficult time getting motivated to roll out of bed on Monday morning? Have you ever called in sick, because you didn’t feel like going in that day? Have you pretended to be busy at your desk, while you were actually checking Facebook? Have you ever stretched your 15 minute break to a half hour? We all have days when we don’t feel like showing up, and we are tempted to ignore our responsibilities, but those lazy days can become a pattern, and a habit, and the way we approach life. When that happens, it creates problems for us and others.

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