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Sermons on “Rebelliousness”

The Bad News

What is wrong with our world? As we look at the headlines in the newspaper each day, it is evident that things are not as they should be. But the problem isn’t simply out there, with others. If we are honest, we come to the realization that our own hearts are not as they should be. Scripture explains our condition, pointing to the sin that exists in all of us. This is the bad news, but Paul’s letter to the Romans points us to the good news of Jesus.

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Acting Like Everyone Else

It’s not easy to stand out from everyone else. Sometimes we feel the pressure to blend in, imitate the people around us, and conform. The people of Israel struggled with this in 1 Samuel 8. All of the other nations had a king, why couldn’t they have a king to rule over them like their neighbors? They forgot who God called them to be. These verses encourage us to stay true to our calling and follow God rather than the world.

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Grumbling in the Desert

The book of Numbers describes Israel’s journey through the desert. The Lord guided them from Mt. Sinai to the edge of the Promised Land. We might expect the sound of rejoicing would have filled the camp, but the opposite was true. Everyday the people found a new reason to complain. When our journey is filled with challenges, we can either grumble, allowing ourselves to be weighed down with despair, or we can trust the Lord to guide us through.

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The Fall (Genesis 3)

Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil and heartache in this world? In our journey through the Bible, we’ve seen how God created the universe, and it was good in every possible way. He even placed the first humans in a garden paradise to share in his rule and reflect his image on the earth. So what went wrong? These verses help us understand the problem, and provide a glimpse into God’s solution.

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The Prophet Who Ran Away

You cannot run from God. This was a lesson the prophet Jonah had to learn the hard way. God called him to go to Nineveh, but he did not want to obey, so he jumped on a boat heading in the opposite direction. We may flee from the Lord because we don’t want to deal with our failures, or because we do not want to surrender our lives to God’s will. No matter how determined we might be, we can’t get away. Sooner or later we must face Him, so instead of running from God we should run towards His arms of grace.

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Jonah: The Prophet Who Didn’t Listen

Nearly everyone is familiar with the book of Jonah. Children, in Sunday School, enjoy hearing about the prophet who was swallowed by a whale. As it turns out, the message of the book is actually quite profound for people of all ages. It teaches about God’s justice and mercy, the need for repentance, and showing compassion to all people.

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