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Sermons on “Leadership”

Messiah the Shepherd

Israel’s prophets anticipated the coming of Messiah, who would bring God’s salvation to this fallen world. Ezekiel pictures Messiah as the Good Shepherd. Unlike the worthless shepherds who had neglected God’s flock, He will seek the lost.

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Do Not Trust In Princes

It is easy to get caught up in the political frenzy, especially during an election season. There are so many problems in our world we become desperate for someone who can offer real solutions. We wonder: “Isn’t there someone who can set things right or give us hope for a better future?” What we often forget is that no earthly leader can fix what is broken in the world. It doesn’t matter how noble their intentions might be. The solution we seek can only be found in God.

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The King Who Prayed

God is not deaf. He is listening intently to the prayers of his children, and He will always hear us when we call out Him. We can approach our Heavenly Father anytime, day or night. No matter where we are, He is always with us, eager for us to quiet our hearts and enter His presence. We can talk to Him about anything: our joys and sorrows, our failures and victories. And we can share with Him the concerns of our heart.

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The King Who Trusted God

Where do you go, to find refuge, in times of crisis? Where do you turn, in moments of distress, when it feels like you are being attacked from every side? I’m not talking about the little things. I mean struggles that are so intense and overwhelming that you’re not quite sure how you’re going to make it through. It would be nice to have our own fortress, where no matter what happens you would know that within those walls you are secure.

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