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Sermons on “Jesus”

Messiah the Servant

Israel’s prophets anticipated the coming of Messiah, who would bring God’s salvation to this fallen world. Isaiah describes him as the Lord’s Servant, destined to live a life of terrible suffering. The Servant will pour out his life for the sake of others.

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The Gift of God’s Presence

As we enter the Christmas Season, we’ve been unwrapping some of the greatest gifts ever given. You cannot buy these gifts with money, or find them under the tree. They are given by God, through His Son Jesus Christ, received by faith.

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Grace Fills Us with Gratitude

We have been exploring practical ways the grace of God changes us, when we come to discover His unmerited favor in our lives. One of the first things we should notice in a person who experiences the blessings of God is overflowing gratitude. We see both an expression of thankfulness, and a lack of thankfulness in this week’s passage.

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2 & 3 John

The letters of 2 & 3 John are very brief, but contain some important instructions on showing hospitality, and being cautious of false teachers.

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1 John

Quite possibly one of the last books, in the New Testament, to be written, 1 John highlights the love of God shining forth in this world through His Son, Jesus Christ. Love is not merely an activity that He does, but God is love and proved it at the cross.

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Christ is Greater

What is Christmas without Christ? It would be as empty as a nicely wrapped package, with nothing inside. Christ is everything. This is the theme that runs throughout the book of Hebrews, and in the opening verses we are shown that Jesus Christ is greater than we might imagine. Without Him, not only is our holiday celebration empty, but we are left with an empty void in our lives.

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