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Sermons on “Forgiveness”

The Bad News

What is wrong with our world? As we look at the headlines in the newspaper each day, it is evident that things are not as they should be. But the problem isn’t simply out there, with others. If we are honest, we come to the realization that our own hearts are not as they should be. Scripture explains our condition, pointing to the sin that exists in all of us. This is the bad news, but Paul’s letter to the Romans points us to the good news of Jesus.

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Is Anyone Too Lost to Be Found?

If there was ever a man who seemed like a lost cause, it was Saul of Tarsus. He hated Christ-followers with an unholy passion, and was determined to halt the spread of the gospel by any means necessary. If you had met him, you would have thought a person like this was beyond redemption, but God knew otherwise. His dramatic conversion shows us that no one is too lost to be found. Whatever mistakes you’ve made, and however far you’ve strayed, there is forgiveness in Jesus Christ,

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Teach Us to Pray

Why does it often seem like a struggle to pray? When we bow our heads before the Lord, we find ourselves so easily distracted. Life gets so busy, we allow days, maybe weeks, to pass without drawing near to our Savior. At times, our words feel so empty or repetitive. We long for a deeper prayer life, but were do we start? In the Gospel of Luke, the disciples made a request that resonates with us: “Teach us to pray.” He gives us a model that can guide us as we approach our Father in prayer.

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A Hospital for the Healthy?

Can you imagine a hospital that only treated the healthy? What about a church that only welcomes those who are perfect? Jesus reminds us that there are no perfect people, we all need his grace and forgiveness. The church should be reaching out to broken and hurting people with the gospel.

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Messiah the Servant

Israel’s prophets anticipated the coming of Messiah, who would bring God’s salvation to this fallen world. Isaiah describes him as the Lord’s Servant, destined to live a life of terrible suffering. The Servant will pour out his life for the sake of others.

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Grace Empowers Us to Forgive

We have been exploring practical ways the grace of God changes us, when we come to discover His unmerited favor in our lives. As those who have been shown great forgiveness, Scripture shows us that we must learn to forgive others as well. This is not always easy, but the Lord will help us to let go of bitterness and resentment if we let Him.

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