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Sermons in “Jonah”

The Prophet Who Got A Second Chance

The book of Jonah teaches us that a day of judgment is coming. Human beings are accountable to God for the way we spend our lives, on this earth. For the people of Nineveh, their day of reckoning had come. The prophet announced a message of doom, in 40 days the great city would be destroyed. But God is not only just, He is also willing to forgive. Jonah’s warning urges people in every age not to wait until it is too late to cry out to the Lord in repentance in faith.

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The Prophet Who Sank

Sometimes, in the course of our lives, we finding ourselves sinking into despair. It could be that we are facing problems greater than we can handle on our own, and there doesn’t appear to be a solution. Jonah literally found himself plunging to the depths of the sea, but in that time of need he cried out in prayer, from the belly of the great fish. His situation seemed impossible, but he praised God for His salvation. There is much we can learn from Jonah’s prayer.

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The Prophet Who Ran Away

You cannot run from God. This was a lesson the prophet Jonah had to learn the hard way. God called him to go to Nineveh, but he did not want to obey, so he jumped on a boat heading in the opposite direction. We may flee from the Lord because we don’t want to deal with our failures, or because we do not want to surrender our lives to God’s will. No matter how determined we might be, we can’t get away. Sooner or later we must face Him, so instead of running from God we should run towards His arms of grace.

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Jonah: The Prophet Who Didn’t Listen

Nearly everyone is familiar with the book of Jonah. Children, in Sunday School, enjoy hearing about the prophet who was swallowed by a whale. As it turns out, the message of the book is actually quite profound for people of all ages. It teaches about God’s justice and mercy, the need for repentance, and showing compassion to all people.

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