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Sermons on “Revelation”

Worthy of Praise

As we begin a series on worship, we start with the question of why human beings should give glory to God. The simple answer is that He is worthy of all our praise. He is the holy God, existing for all eternity. He created all things, including you and I, and He is also the one who redeems us. These are just a few reasons why God alone is worthy of all our praise.

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Revelation (part 3)

There have always been tyrants and evil men who have struggled for power. Scripture tells us that a terrible leader will one day emerge on the scene, leading the world in rebellion against God. But the Kingdom of God is greater than the kingdoms of man, and the Prince of Peace will overthrow this dreaded impostor.

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Revelation (part 2)

The book of Revelation gives us a glimpse into the future, reminding us that the Lord is in control. Though our world often seems to spinning out of control, the Lord has a plan to set things right. The Lord is exceedingly patient, allowing the good news of grace to be proclaimed throughout the entire world, but a day of judgment is coming.

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