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Sermons on “Ecclesiastes”

Searching for Meaning

Is my life meaningful? This is a question that keeps us awake at night. We want to live with a sense of purpose, knowing that our days on this earth have mattered. And yet, our pursuits often leave us feeling frustrated and empty. There has to be more to life than making through another day. The book of Ecclesiastes challenges us to think deeply about life and points us to the one who can offer true and lasting significance.

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Why Small Groups?

God saves us, individually, when we come to accept Him as our Savior, but doesn’t leave us to live out our faith on our own. We are woven together with fellow believers, united as members of His family. That’s what the word “fellowship” means: sharing life together and growing together in the Lord. All of us need to be involved in a church family, not just showing up for an hour Sunday morning, but forming deeper relationships and ministering to one another.

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