John 18

John 18 is filled with drama as we now are hours away from Jesus’ crucifixation. What is so remarkable to me is the willingness for Peter to fight for Jesus but then deny him three times later on in the chapter. Its hard to even wrap my head around the the change of heart but knowing that God truly restores Peter and makes him a “fisher of men” later on in the book of Acts. Reading through this chapter again, something new that popped out at me is how much of an agenda and preconceived ideas that the Jew had when questioning Jesus about his work. Sadly, this still goes on today sometimes in our court system as “fair” trails aren’t always fair.

With growing up Lutheran, reciting the Apostles and Nicene Creed whenever I would attend church gave me the impression that Pilate is the one fully responsible for Jesus’ crucifixation.  Ultimately I learned when I truly understand why he had to die, that theologically it was your sin and my sin that nailed him there. But the way that God used the situation was actually more so that the “religious elites” peer pressured Pilate into convincing him that Jesus had to pay for his actions with death! This chapter ends with the people choosing Barabbas over Jesus. Below I attached a sermon jam to go along with this event.

Jesus is Loving Barabbas – Judah Smith Sermon Jam – YouTube


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    Jeff Price says:

    Powerful message on the video…it is true that we get into sin and then try to work out of it on our own, never works. It is about surrendering which goes against our human nature, it’s humbling ourselves before God. Part of the video that spoke to worrying about justice here on Earth…too many are chasing Earthly position, treasure, power. Really what is wrong with our society. Thanks for sharing – must watch video.

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