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An Exciting Journey

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word. With all my heart I have sought You; Do not let me wander from Your commandments. Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.”

A group of scouts paused at the beginning of the trail to snap a photo.  They were embarking on a week-long journey that would take them into the mountains, along rivers, and through the desert.  Their course was already plotted on the map, including the campsites where they would pitch their tents each night.  From start to finish, the trek would cover more than 50 miles.  Rain and sunshine would greet them along the way, and the hike would challenge the young explorers, but it would be well worth the effort.  There was so much to discover, and the experience would make a lasting impression on their lives.

As we start the new year, I am excited to embark on a journey through the Bible.  Our congregation will be following a daily reading plan that will guide us through the Old Testament in 2018, and the New Testament in 2019.  Each Sunday, the morning message will align with the verses we have read during the week.  We will discover key themes of Scripture, learning how the different books of the Bible fit together to proclaim one unified story of redemption through Jesus Christ.  There will be many passages to explore, some familiar and perhaps others more obscure.  We will be humbled by God’s love, overwhelmed by His glory, and inspired by His grace.  Through our study, we will be introduced to men and women who lived long ago, but were more like us than we might imagine.  They faced some of the same struggles, and shared many of the same needs, as people today.  The Lord will certainly challenge us along the way, drawing us closer in our walk with Him.  Reading through the Bible might seem like a tremendous challenge, even when spread out over two years, but it will most certainly be worth the effort.  It is the kind of experience that can change a person’s life.

I invite you to take the journey with us.  Download the reading guide, and make it part of your daily routine to meet with the Lord, spending time in His Word.  It is always helpful having the encouragement of others along the way.  We can spur one another on, sharing insights, and asking questions.  Look for regular blogs on our church website, where you will have opportunity to join the discussion.  Don’t be discouraged, if you fall behind.  Jump back in with today’s chapters.  Above all, pray that the Lord would speak to your heart and empower you to apply His Word to your life.

There are many Bible Study resources that can help you in your journey.  Some of these tools are free, available for the computer or smartphone.  They include word studies, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more.  Check out the links below:

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